Application other than arduinocommander to upload sketches through android phone

Is there any other application avaliable by which I can upload sketches to arduino uno through my android phone via Bluetooth or USB connection?I am facing problem uploading sketches by arduinocommander .It is not detecting my Arduino Uno.
Pls suggest me another app as soon as possible.

I don't have an answer, but I do have the same problem. The ArduinoCommander doesn't recognize my device. Have you found an answer

I got the Commander to find my device and was able to upload the Github libraries and everything works fine for me. Followed THIS YouTube video made by human harddrive and everything worked as depicted as far as getting the LED to light when I command it to, and turn off when I command it to. I haven't yet tested all of the functionality, whether events or variables can be adopted and the like.

I found this thread when searching what capabilities this setup can perform as I want to plug in my DHT22 sensors right away and also get a few Relays and also my Relay shield into play. If anyone else has gained experience with the Arduino Commander, please share.