Applications Closing Soon: 4-wk. program on IoT, fabrication and design fiction

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Call for Applications | 'Coming Soon': Fabrication, Internet of Things, and Design Fiction

PROGRAM DATES: 1 February - 28 February 2016

Regular application deadline: 1 January 2016


Can we create connected devices which reflect the subtleties and complexities of our human nature? Can we fabricate objects that lead to the creation of new cultural norms? What is the role of ethics in the creation of a new connected world?

Join us for this special program in partnership with the Officine Arduino, Fablab Torino, and Casa Jamina communities, taking place at their facilities in Turin, Italy.
In our four-week program* "Coming Soon", using a hands-on approach, we will investigate the creative and expressive possibilities of Internet of Things technologies, electronics and sensors, and gain a foundation in digital fabrication and design fiction methodologies.

Inhabiting a fictional narrative, students will dream up inventive ideas for new smart objects and with the aid of our instructors and other professionals, learn the proper tools and processes needed to create and communicate their own vision of the future.

Starting with basic prototyping through to advanced fabrication techniques, making use of the latest digital fabrication tools within the Officine Arduino community facilities, we will work through the entire process of design from initial narrative and conception through rough prototyping. At program's end, we will present a fully documented performance and exhibition of our final objects in Casa Jasmina, the connected home of the future conceived by science fiction writer Bruce Sterling and Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino project.

The infiltration of smart devices into our lives is coming soon. Currently, corporations and even governments are investing billions to fund research and manufacture up-and-coming networked objects designed to "make our lives easier". But what are the implications of this?

Throughout the program, we will collectively construct the mythologies and belief systems we inhabit, as a means to speculate around the possible impacts contemporary exploration may have on future society.

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