apply a new subscription to an 'old' device ?

Hi !

In France subcription for a single device is now allowed, just as for some other countries
Some sleppy MKRFOX 1200 may awake here.
Buying subscriptions is easy , but after.....

Any on knows the exact procedure (not clear for me after reading sigfox site !!) for applying a new subscription to a device for which original subscription is ended ?


I think you have to buy at least 10 tokens on

Then you can create a new device type with the contract containing those tokens.

Finally, you can transfer your devices to the device type.

HI !

Awaited single token subscription is now available for France !! :slight_smile:

So have to : subscribe, create new 'device type' where new tokens are available and then transfer 'old' devices to the newly created 'device type'

Thanks, that's not really intuitive !!