Applying Arduino Leonardo board to Measure current/voltage

Hello there, I am looking to use the Leonardo board to measure current and voltage going through a standard residential light bulb using a current sensor. First question would be, Would I need a specific library from Arduino to implement my idea? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


Open Energy Monitor :

I am using a AKM CQ-2092 current sensor. This is not the same sensor as the one in the reference page that you listed. I am assuming the burden resistor in the diagram is the bulb correct?

No, that is the 'load' for the Current Transformer. The output of the Current Transformer is more a current than a voltage. With that burden resistor, the output becomes more a voltage than a current.

A Current Transformer is much safer and more reliable that a hall-current-sensor.

Click on "Building Blocks", and explore the pages, that site is a good source of information for mains and power measurements. They assume that the mains is already connected to a load, and one of the mains wires is going through the Current Transformer. That page is only about the Current Transformer and how to use the signal from the Current Transformer.