Appropriate Camera for VERY Basic Image Processing

I am interested in having an Arduino Due take an image and read the brightness issues of every pixel.

I don't want to store externally for speed reasons. Since I am NOT doing intensive processing of the image (i.e. tracking or anything like that), the bottleneck would be the read time.

In order to store the image in memory, I need to be able to take an image small enough to fit comfortably in the 64kb SRAM bank of an Arduino Due. An 160x120 pixel 8-bit grayscale image should be about 20kb uncompressed and work for the purposes of my project.

I found a camera which can downsample to 160x120 in-camera and can also transmit 8-bit grayscale raw images.

Would this camera work for my purposes? Will my program have access to the full 96kb offered by both of the Due's memory banks?

Well it looks reasonable - but I've not used one, so I can't guarantee it. Google
for any other projects using it of doing something similar?

What sort of processing are you going to do?

I'm neck deep in openCV at the moment (C++) - would be interesting hearing the sorts if frame rates you get for read iterations at that res.

Wouldn't have though Arduino was the best intended target - makes me smile though for sure :slight_smile:

OpenCV on the Due?(!) Or a real computer?

Frame rate depends what you are doing. 2D FFT will be slower than histogram,
for instance!