Appropriate Structure for a Library


Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. I have looked…

I have created a big (more than 50 C++ classes) library. Most of my development work has been with the Eclipse ArduinoIDE / Arduino 1.5.2 as the plug-in. Now I need to distribute the library to developers who are more familiar with the Arduino 1.0.5 / 1.0.6 IDEs.

To keep things manageable, I grouped my classes in around 10 sub-folders. My problem is that - if I add this library to the Arduino IDE - the sketch doesn’t seem to be able to access classes in sub-folders, only those in the root folder.

Is there a way around this? Was this a deliberate design decision by the people who wrote the Arduino IDE?

This isn’t a show-stopper for me, but it’s an irritant - I either have to abandon subfolders in the Eclipse environment, or create a separate distribution for the Arduino IDE developers.

Does anyone have any information on this?