Appropriate use of Arduino Forum.

I'll be sending out 5 (Arduino compatible) clock kits next week. I'd like to use the arduino forum to answer questions. Please let me know if you consider this inappropriate use of the Arduino Forum.

Thanks, Justin

PS Clock details can be found here:

imho it allways depends on the questions ... mind you the whole forum is full of questions:)

I expect the questions will be like "Help, my clock will not be programmed!" and "Can't get GUI interface to work". Same old questions, except they will be pertaining to an "Arduino compatible" as opposed to an authentic Arduino.

(my opinion) As Arduino itself is open hardware there are many Arduino compatibles in the market and if people ask some question the only thing matters is if it is a 328 , 168 or Mega as these differ in #pins or amount of RAM etc. What is important is that if you want help you have to share code, or hardware schema so we can dive into it. Vague questions get vague answers you know.

So a question like "Help, my clock will not be programmed!" without additional might get some funny answers at best :)

My opinion is that you need to set up your own forum to answer questions about the stuff you sell. Unless you intend to cut us in for a share of the profits.

@PaulS, Wow thanks. That would be fantasic to partner with Arduino! I'd be happy to share the profits. So far we are not even breaking even though.

@robtillaart, This is an open source project to the max. All code, electronics, laser cut enclosure, instructions, and whatever else is freely an openly available. Me and my buddy Anool, in India, expect to answer the majority of the questions (but we would welcome responses from anyone). We could set something up on Google Code, but consider the Arduino Forum a much preferred alternative.

Project Home:

Arduino code, KiCad designs, Laser PDFs:

Instructions here:

Since the response is less than enthusiastic, we will not use the Arduino forum for ClockTHREE trouble shooting.


(my opinion) @Justin,

The fact that there are only a few reactions can be explained in many ways, imho it is not disinterest. I think people here (at least I do) love to see a playground article how the clock works under the hood. But in the end its your choice.

You do yourself short not participating this forum, ask questions and provide answers / opinions. There are several on this forum who have a commercial interest one way or the other in Arduino, shields or otherwise. What is not done on this forum is post messages that you have something for sale when nobody asks for it. Thats spam. However if someone asks for a nice clock project, ...

@robtillaart Thanks for your encouraging reply, and yes, when I get stuck this is the first place I will come. I was looking more of a place for trouble shooting that my 5 kit builders could use when/if they experience any problems.

In the end I decided to use the google-code issue tracker. This may not be optimal, but with only 5 kit builders, it should suffice.

For the record, I have no clocks for sale.

Thanks again!

I have no clocks for sale

That's a shame :) Honestly, I was going to order one, when available. Or at least the PCB.

What is not done on this forum is post messages that you have something for sale when nobody asks for it. Thats spam

I thought the "Products and services" section is for this purpose.

@florinc As the initial backer and fellow Arduino clock enthsiast, we'd love to send you a board! Email me your shipping address (my user name is wyojustin on google mail). Plus we still owe you "your name in lights!"