aproblem with esc ????????? please help me

please i build my first quad copter project using arduino > i use 4 esc's and i have a problem that 2 of my esc's start rotating from angle 100 and another one starts from angle 40 and the last starts from 70 . and i changed them many times and every time i change the new esc's start from different angles the question is what is wrong with these esc's ? and how can i fix that problem

Which Software on the Computer is causing this problem?

i don't know i tried all esc's many times and don't know where is the wrong

the question is what is wrong with these esc's ?

No, the questions are: 1. Which ESCs are you talking about 2. Where is your code 3. Where is your schematic?

(4. What is wrong with your '?' key?)

Hi Mahmoud,

Welcome to the forum. We will do our best to help you. However, we need more details about your hardware and software before we can help. Please follow the guidelines here to help us help you:

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At the very least, answer the 3 questions that AWOL indicated and we'll see what we can figure out.

Looking forward to schematics, part numbers, and code, and then we'll get to work.

Sincerely, Michael

my esc type is pentium 20a esc my motor is sunny sky 980kv and i use the example of servo motors "sweep" in arduino program examples

These: http://www.megarc.com/mystery-pentium-20a-esc-inbuild-2a-bec-p-1083.html http://www.himodel.com/electric/SUNNYSKY_X2212-980KV_2-3s_Outrunner_Brushless_Motor.html ? (you could have posted similar links)

What about the answers to the other questions?

this is the motor http://www.himodel.com/electric/SUNNYSKY_Angel_Series_A2212-980KV_2-3S_Airplane_Outrunner_Brushless_Motor.html and that is the esc http://www.megarc.com/mystery-pentium-20a-esc-inbuild-2a-bec-p-1083.html

what other questions ? i told you that the code is the example "sweep" from servo library in arduino program

no one know what is wrong ?

See reply #3

mahmoud_elshahawy: no one know what is wrong ?

Probably not. Unless someone owned that specific ESC/motor combination and had experienced the same problem symptom you are, why would your expect otherwise?