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Hey guys totally new to Arduino been using the PI to learn but i want to start making my own projects and i felt switching over to have some support from the arduino community would be very helpful as im sure im going to be having some problems at first. Sooo heres what im trying to accomplish i want to have a 2 pump system running off 120vac at 1A each. I want to kick the pumps on when my ph levels are between 5.5-6.7 at the most and maintain a good water level so that my koi fish wont be stressed or harmed by water level constently changing. I guess my first question will be will the audino uno be enough to handel all my inputs and outputs/ what type of shields am i going to have to buy in order to data log and stream this all online?

Thanks guys,

PS if anyone can personally help me with this project and help me get off the ground id love to give u my phone number/email and we can communicate more effectively i will post my 3d model im working on when i add the final touches to the conrtol panel and the schematic

Arduino Uno is the easiest board to start with. You can connect relays or solid state relays (SSR). Search Ebay for SSR-25DA. The pH meter is not easy. There could be grounding and noise problems.

You can buy a SD card shield, or perhaps an Ethernet shield (it has the SD socket included).

What if your sketch is wrong, and pumps start and stop at random ?

Hey thanks for the quick update, yea i was thinking of adding a few float level switches that would kill the pumps if the levels reached to high. and as for the ph can you provide me some more detail on what u mean by grounding/noise issue? i assumed it would just have a vcc and a ground connection in its shield?

A few switches for safety is a good idea.

The pH sensor is a very high impedance sensor. The sensor is in the water, and the water is connected (more or less) to earth ground. The Arduino is also connected or at least coupled with the mains and earth ground. If there is a difference between the Arduino ground and the water you might have problems. That is why some pH sensors have output signals that are isolated from the ground level. Search for: "ph probe ground loop galvanic isolated"

There is a LOT of Arduino activity in Aquaponics.

See: for some temperature measurement stuff I worked on with them. Temperature measurement on the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:

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Let us know how it goes...