Aquarium controller


i am building a aquarium controller.

i have found some code to use, but i have no idea how to get the touch screen/lcd to work.

i need help. please some help me with adding the LCD/Touch screen

the code i have is attached

test_lights_1.ino (12.5 KB)

Start by finding a library for your LCD. There are different ones so you need to make sure it is compatible, don’t just grab the first library you find and assume it will work.

Next step is to connect only the LCD to your Arduino and verify that it works correctly using one of the examples included with the library (accessible via File > Examples > {library name}. Make sure you understand what every single line of the example sketch does.

Repeat this process with all the other components of your project individually. Save all the sketches you used for testing individual components later if you run into problems.

Now you can start integrating the various components of the project one at a time, testing after adding each component to be sure everything is working correctly. If you encounter any problems then solve them before moving on to adding the next component.

The worst mistake you can make is throwing together a bunch of components and code all at once because it’s quite likely something won’t work and you will have no clue where the problem is.