Aquarium Fish Tank Automation using android mobile

Hey I am new arduino .

I am curious to build my first project into that I want to automate my aquarium

  1. Heater
  2. Filter
    3.oxygen pump

I want filter to be on for 4 hrs , oxygen pump for next 4 hrs. light in night. and Heater always to be on.

all above mentioned equipment’s works on 220-230 Volts.

My questions are
1.which arduino board suitable for this project.
2. Which Relay shield require for 220-230 volts equipment’s
3. To handle the relay from android mobile what additional hardware require?

What additional hardware do I need to purchase inorder to complete this project.
any sample code will help me lot.

Appreciate help on same.
Thank you.

As a newbie, I suggest you start by getting one part going at a time, with the mobile control being the last bit.

A Uno can do as you wish. Start with the heater, it simply requires a sensor and relay control. You would not leave it on without sensing the need unless you like fish soup.

The filter would be on continuously.

Surely you need oxygen more than one 4 hr burst in a day?

Lights are simply on or off so use a RTC to determine when.

I would use SSRs rather than relay board as I think they are safer. I don't like the fact there is 240v on the PCB tracks and it is easy to make contact when handling the board. The SSR can be physically separated on the mains side for safety.


Lots of previous post concerning aquariums.

Hey weedpharma and zoomkat

Thank you for reply. :)

I like your idea, I will firstly focus one part at a time.

I have listed down components below 1. arduino uno (1) 2. Real Time Clock (1) 3. Solid State Relay (4)

This things I will buy and I will try to setup first project. Is there any additional hardware require just let me know so that I can buy all at a time.

As suggested by zoomkat , I will also look link that he provided.

I will update the progress here as I make progress.