"Arbitrary" serial port speeds

Awhile back, maybe 2 months or so, someone somewhere posted a spreadsheet or a website that would let you put in different crystal frequencies, and see what serial port frequencies you could get with that crystal. Now that it comes time to use that information, I can’t seem to locate it again.
Does anyone else remember the post? May have been on this forum, but I can’t seem to nail the right search terms, may have been on some blog somewhere, but google fails me as well.
Maybe someone has the equation and I can just do it by hand? I need 7815bps, and 62500bps, in case someone knows the crystal frequency off the top of their head.
Can software serial do this? I’d prefer to avoid software serial, as I’m going to be datalogging to an SD card and would like to keep the CPU overhead to a minimum, but if I must, I must…

Does this help... http://www.wormfood.net/avrbaudcalc.php/

7815 bps; 16 MHz clock: 0.3% error. 62500 bps; 16 MHz clock: 0.0% error.

Both are close enough for very reliable communications.

Sweet! So I can just do a Serial.begin(7815); and it'll work with the default clock crystal? That's easier than I thought. And yes, that is the link I was looking for. Thank you.