Arcade Build advice. Trigger for rumble motor and NeoPixel (NEWBIE WARNING)

Hi all, my name is Ben and this is my first question post. If I'm in the wrong place I apologise.
I'm building an arcade cabinet that I'd like to add a few extra features too. Such as a sound activated NeoPixel strip and rumble motors. I'm looking for advice on where best to start with Arduino.
I've found a supplier for the motors and have been looking at the NeoPixel strips, trying to narrow things down between Adafruit or other manufacturers. I have zero experience with Arduino, Fade Candy and this kind of thing generally but am motivated to learn.
I want to have lights flash when a loud noise such as an explosion is heard on screen and have the motors react at the same time. I know there are microphone sensor add on boards available and I'd like some advice on which boards to base this plan on and how best to get started. Any help is gratefully received.

Thanks, Ben Wolff
Wolff Workshop