Arcade Button MIDI Controller Hold Button Help


Obviously I’m new to the forums and even newer to the Arduino as a clever microcontroller. I’m learning quite a bit based on reading these forums and the Arduino website as a whole. I have, however, encountered a problem with the sketch I am using to control a 12 button/6 pot(four rotary and 2 linear) MIDI controller based on this design.

Each of my arcade buttons (digital Inputs) is a momentary switch and functions as such. It sends a MIDI signal to my host computer when I press the button without fail. The problem is, the button does not repeat the signal when I hold the button down. I would like this to happen because the music software that I am using (Traktor Pro 2) recognizes these “hold” inputs and triggers a modifier to the button’s control based on them.

Here is the code I am using to control the functions of the buttons. I must preface however that I did not write this code. I downloaded it from the instructables website as part of the MIDI controller project.

Perhaps one of you Code Gurus can help me get to where I need to be going.

Thanks in advance!

MIDI_Controller.pde (18.3 KB)