Arch mix as arduino configuration

Trying to configure the Arch mix to Arduino. Tried the procedure described in Can’t get connection with the board. Any suggestions?

show your sketch forwarded in code tags</>.

It is not a sketch.
It is a procedure

That is a powerful board. Its on the same performance as the Teensy 4.1. Does the Arduino IDE even support it?

Arch Mix:
Arch Mix Wiki with instruction for Arduino mode:

@modyros, that is not an official Arduino board. It uses a development environment made by Seeed. The *.json file can add extra boards to the Arduino IDE and then the development environment of a board can be downloaded by installing that board.

You need to put a bootloader on the board to make it work with the Arduino IDE. Do you have J-Link Debug Probes and have you downloaded and done all those things to program a new bootloader ?

Do you use Windows 10 ?

Can you tell how far you got ? Are those 'vid' and 'pid' the correct values for the Arduino mode ?

The board is not expensive, but you rely on Seeed to fix bugs and keep the software up-to-date. In the end, it will probably cost more than buying an official Arduino board. If you need to fix a bug in your sketch in five years, do you think you can still compile your sketch for that board ? You also won't get a lot of support from us, since we don't know that board.

There are liberies for Arch mix. After changing the bootloader it should work on Arduino IDE

I don’t have J link. Tried to use the second method with the NXP boot utility. windows 10 do not recognise the USB, and no response in the NXP tool.

But without support from Arduino and without knowing how many bugs they have :cry:

I'm reading that now :open_book:
Did you connect the RX pin and set the jumpers to 0001 ? If you don't see the board, then there is not much we can do to help. You should ask at a Seeed forum.
Do you see it in the Windows Device Manager ? Perhaps under "Unknown devices". I think the 'pid' and 'vid' values can be found there somewhere (I'm using linux).

A experienced hardware designer can make a fantastic boards. Arduino is about hardware and software together with long-term support. It is the combination that make Arduino a great platform to use.

Thanks Koepel
Connected the RX and set jumpers to 0001.
No answer yet in the seeed forum.

Any good alternatives with similar capabilities like ESP32 s2 or Tenessy 4.1?

Why the "ESP32-S2" ? The multicore of the normal ESP32 is very handy (Wifi code on core 0, Arduino code on core 1).
The most common ESP32 boards use the ESP-WROOM-32 module.
Andreas Spiess about ESP32-S2:

I have never used a Teensy board, but I'm reading only positive comments about the Teensy 4.1.

Both the ESP32 and Teensy 4.1 are good choices.
Arduino has the "PRO" boards if you want processing power. They are new and not often used, so the support by the community might be minimal.

Can you tell about your project ? Do you need Wifi / Bluetooth or processing power or many pins ? For processing power I would use a Raspberry Pi. For many pins I would use a few I2C I/O expanders.

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