Ardduino IDE 2.0 Beta 7 will not open

The beta 7 will on Windows ten. Editor opens, displays splash screen then stalls. The menus open and some entries work, can see open file, dialog appears, but selected file does not open. No side bar icons. In tools menu no board. After 15 minutes finishes.

Hi @Jetfixer. Thanks for giving the beta phase Arduino IDE 2.x a try!

After the IDE starts, do you see a notification "toast" pop up at the bottom right corner of the window?

If so, please post the full and exact text of it here.

No toast popup. I think that part of the problem was in Preferences under Additional Board Managers I was using the incorrect STM32 manager URL. Once I put in the correct URL the IDE opens fully in about 30 seconds.


I'm very glad to hear you got it working. Do you by any chance have the old problematic URL? I'm interested in the subject of the IDE handling bad user configurations gracefully.

I recently did a little bit of experimentation with putting garbage in the "Additional Boards Manager URLs" preferences field and wasn't able to break the IDE.

This is the deprecated STM32 URL I was using that caused me problems, at least this is my best guess. Using this URL: '', the IDE was slow to open. Changing to this URL:


and the load time changed to ~ 30 seconds.


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