Ardino At Heart Certified arLCD

For those of you who have questions on the Ardino At Heart certified arLCD ask me here on the forum. I've had one for six months and if I cant answer your question I will find someone who can!

My question has to be simply "What is it?"

Ok so according to Sparkfun it's a touch screen integrated with an Uno. But the page goes on to say it's Uno compatible.... how does that gel with it saying the Uno is built-in?

Does the built-in Uno just drive the screen and you still need another one for the rest of the project?... or what...

For $90 it better have an UNO built in. The photos are too small to see any connection detail but it looks like there is a label covering the right side of the unit that could be like a shipping label. It's possible there are screw terminals underneath the label. Here's a YOUTUBE video on it:

It looks like the UNO and the touchscreen are back-to-back on the mounting plate so you have access to the arduino headers on the back. Robert

It's an arduino plus touchscreen that only uses 2 pins. There is also a dedicated chip for the touchscreen and a flash drive for pics and fonts. It can show meters, sliders, etc. Check the arduino blog for more info. It only uses one arduino.

I have a case on if you are interested.