ardiuno automatic dog feeder

Hello iam Roshan Marshal from India . Sir i dont know the programming of ardiuno iam a Amature . Sir please help me to program my ardiuno for a servo controlled dog feeder i want the feeder to feed my dog in every 12 hours .. pls help me . i dont know the codeing plss send me a sutable program for my project plss help sir plsss

Do you really want to trust your dog's life to a stranger's programming skills?

hey pls send me a programm

Do you have any experience in electronics or programming?

Have you read anything on using the Arduino?

We are here to assist with problems, not to design and write the complete project.

Do you have a design as to how you are going to do the mechanics of the feeder?


Uncompiled, untested.

// you'll need some definitions here, 'cos we don't know anything about your hardware

const unsigned long FEED_TIME = 12UL * 60UL * 60UL * 1000UL;
unsigned long previousMillis;

void setup() 
  // you'll need some code here, 'cos we don't know anything about your hardware

void loop()
  if(millis () - previousMillis >= FEED_TIME) {
    previousMillis += FEED_TIME;

    feedDog ();

void feedDog ()
  // you'll need to write this, 'cos we don't know anything about your hardware

And please spell words properly - on my screen "plss" looks far too close to "piss" for my liking.

Hi Marshal:

To feed a dog requires a combination of hardware and software.

The code, software, depends on the hardware. Without knowing what hardware you are using no one can write code.

Suppose you have a hopper filled with dog food. At the bottom of the hopper you may have a 150mm tube (1) with two 100mm holes in it, one on the top (A) and one on the bottom (B). Inside of the 150mm tube you may have a slightly smaller tube (2), say 125mm, with a single 100mm hole (Z) in it.

When hole Z is turned up to mate with hole A, tube 2 fills with dog food. Tube 2 rotates and the food falls out of hole B.

The code would call a stepper motor to rotate tube 2 to drop the food.

But, if a different system were used, multiple sliding doors, or a screw of some kind, etc, the code would be very different.

If you have a design for the hardware people could help you with the software, the code. You need to post the hardware design to get help with the code.


Do you really want to trust your dog's life to a stranger's programming skills?

Not to worry. The dog will eat the Arduino first, anyway.

Hello .. i want to make something like this please help me . send me a ardiuno program that can feed ny dog in every 12 hours . please help ....

See reply #4

send me a ardiuno program that can feed ny dog in every 12 hours

That is impossible without some real requirements. The Arduino is not a clock, so how will it tell that 12 hours have passed? How, EXACTLY, is the Arduino supposed to "feed the dog"?

Should it have a GSM shield and phone Tony's Pizza Palace for pizza?

Will it have some kind of auger to dispense dry dog food? If so, what is going to twist the auger? How are you going to power the twister? What is going to go between the twister and the Arduino?

How will the Arduino know to stop twisting the auger? When the dog gets full? When there is food all over the floor? When the hopper is empty?

I think you can see that there is more to doing your homework (when is it due, by the way?) than you have considered.

Do you really want a system like in that video that you need to f**k around with so much to get it started? That requires so much manual participation? Isn't it simpler (cheaper) to simply scoop the food out of the bag?

OK here's your first warning.

Do not start another thread on this subject.

I don't often issue second warnings

can anyone pls send me a full programe pls its very urgent .. programe for this project thankyou...

How can it be urgent? The dog doesn't need feeding for at least another twelve hours.

What part of "we can't help you until you define your mechanics" don't you understand?

Google "automatic dog feeder"

You will find it easier to buy a ready made one.


Buy a ready made one take it out of its housing and put it in a beat up housing and hand that in for your class project itherwise reply #4 is as close as you can get since you have only given us two requirements 12 hours and urgent.