Ardiuno FIO, chg and on light not doing anything

I just received a FIO, plugged in a LI-PO battery from sparkfun and none of the status lights are saying anything. I've been searching for some sort of users manual that says what lights do what, how to properly charge, etc but I can't find anything. So.

When should the CHG led light up?
When should the ON led light up?

I've successfully uploaded a sketch which works, but neither LEDS show any status. I'm able to run the FIO off of battery power, but again, no status is give via the leds. Help?

On my fio top led, GHG orange when plugged into USB, on button is red, when run off battery and turned on, rssi led comes on briefly when receiving message via xbee.

I also wrote into my program to turn bottom led (near reset pin) on and off, pin13 also red.

When plugged into computer with ftdi, on button, red.

Hmm. It appears that these are not working for me then. Rather weird since my battery did charge and I am able to upload working sketches. I wonder if it's the Max1555..?