ArDMX and IDE 1.6.5

Im struggling a bit with the ArDMX tutorial (link below) and need some help. The tutorial request modifications to the HardwareSerial.cpp file but with IDE 1.6.5 there are several HardwareSerial.cpp files and Im not sure how/which one to modify. Does anyone know if tutorial is up to date and if compatible with IDE 1.6.5? Thank you!

Hi bhamze, i too am having much the same problem (1.6.5) & ArDMX, seems to be a lack of implementation for later versions of the IDE, im not code savey enough to recognise how best to update the files for our use.

should you find a more update version or figure it out please let us know here, im going to scratch around a little more before resorting to making use of an older version of the IDE, though not sure where to begin on that front either.

at any rate i will let you know how i get on.