ArDmx with mkr wifi 1010

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a dmx project, my idea is to built an 8ch light dimmer pack - working on 220V AC.

I have:

  • 1 dmx shield based on max 485 ( this shield allow's me to decode the dmx signal ) - Link here -
  • x8 AC light dimmer modules (with this module you control the light bulb, in my case i can control the brightness. This module has also the zero-crossing detector circuit.) - Link here -

I found a project on internet - Link here - this is a project for 4ch, I slightly modified the code canceling the Leds and adding 4 more channels, the code for decoding the dmx signal is basically the same as here: Arduino Playground - Ardmx

With my Arduino Uno the code works perfect on 4ch. I modified the HardwareSerial0.cpp file, fallowing the description of the project - putting some lines in the comments. The problem appear if i use 8ch - the light flickers.

I think if i use this code with my Arduino mkr wifi1010 everything will work well because the mkr 1010 is much faster. The problem is, i have no idea which file needs to be modified and what have to be in the comments - in order not having the error.

If someone can help me please?

Thank you.

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