Hello, I am Hartmut and I have a little question. Can you help me with my program to write it because I unfortunately cannot do it alone?
I am supposed to create a program in arduino which has a switch-on time of 40 ms and switches off the LED after 15 light pulses
Here is my previous code

void setup ()
DDRC | = 1 << PC4; // PC4 as data output for LED
// ------------------------------------------------
void loop ()
PORTC | = 1 << PC4; // PC4 log 1, LED off
delay (160); // wait 160 ms
PORTC & = ~ (1 << PC4); // PC4 log 0, LED on
delay (40); // wait 40 ms
Thanks in advance

Here is my previous code

Where is your current code?

Why do you seem so determined to make things difficult for yourself?

Hallo Hartmut, Willkommen !

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You have to ?
Why do you have to do this ?

Also, why are you using direct port manipulation, is that part of the "you have to" ?

The Arduino IDE comes with examples, and 99.99 % of the Arduino and its clones come with the first example pre-loaded.
The first example is blink.ino, and it almost does what you have to do.
All you need to do is to alter timing a bit and to count.
Can't be too hard to figure out i'd say.

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