ArduBadge - Badges for your GitHub Arduino Libraries

I want to share my recent project ArduBadge.

ArduBadge is a free and open source website that gives you custom GitHub "badges" for your Arduino Libraries.

It shows users:

  • That the library is available on the Arduino IDE (Library Manager).
  • It shows what is the latest version available.
  • Clicking on the badge open a custom installation guide! Explaining how to install the library with the Library Manager or using a ZIP file.

For new users it provides simple and uniform installation guide, and for experienced users it's a quick way to know that the library can be installed from the IDE.

I hope you will find this tool usefull, check out the website:
View source code and examples on GitHub: GitHub - gilmaimon/ArduBadge: ArduBadge gives you GitHub Badges for you Arduino Libraries. The badge shows the latest version available and custom installation instructions.

If you like the idea, add the badge to your own library or suggest it to a library you use. Also if you like it, give it a star on GitHub so more users will notice it.

Ideas, suggestions and opinions are very welcomed.
Thank You!

This is so cool! Thank you so much for this!