Hello, remember me?? Well here is my next project.. Sponsored by, and the money obtenined will destinated to the Arducopter and ArduPlane projects, YUJU!!! :D

The final version will use, the lilypad (to save energy and weight), 2 pololu motor controllers, 3 motors, PING))) sensor, Omnidirectional Laser for 3D navigation (hahah this last one is a Joke!!!), 9V battery, and pololu beacons for navigation... =)

That's cool. Be cool to see this thing after it is all done and running.

First Look (Now Flying):

Capability's: - Hold altitude with PING))) sensor... - Fly around the beacon... - Using Arduino Lilypad, for low power consumption

Tomorrow some pictures and code....

This is just a simple blimp that holds altitude and flys around the infrared beacon, good for conferences and make advertising’s… ::slight_smile:

And off course a lot to learn in the way…

Some High res pictures:

Parts used:

-The Blubberbot:

-The pololu motor controller x 2, used to control the motors of the blimp:

-The pololu infrared beacon, used for navigation:

-The Parallax Ping))) sensor, for hold altitude:

-And offcourse, the arduino LilyPad…

Source code:

Congratulations Jordi! You are on bbtv and makezine! Very cool.

;D I was very nervous, i cant even talk hahaha... :-/

And obviously English is not my 1 language.... But i improve it every day..

That was an interesting story. You did a great job with of dealing with a bad situation.