ArduCam with Arduino Uno R3

Hello all,

I am a newbie with Arduino. I am trying to use an ArduCam shield with my Arduino Uno board to take a picture. I read how to do this online using this tutorial: It seems easy, but going through it proved otherwise. I also read how to import .zip library using this link: When I did this, I received an error through the compiler saying that the folder/zip file does not contain a valid library. If there is anyone who is familiar with using the ArduCam shield (ArduCam-LF Rev.C+ Camera module shield with 3.2 inch LCD) which came with an OV2640 Camera module with an Arduino Uno R3 board, please help me!

Best, Eric

I’m pretty sure you want these files in a folder “library\ArduCAM”. The spelling of the folder needs to be exact.

You will then need to restart the Arduino IDE.