Arduclema + MyOpenLab

MyOpenLab ( is a project that took time looking. It offers a graphical programming oriented simulation and modeling of physical systems, and electronic control. The range of applications offered is enormous.

The author of this project is Carmelo Salafia. Recently released with the GPL 3.0 license. From here my congratulations on the project and all my thanks for their release. It should also be mentioned Jose Manuel Gutierrez Ruiz, collaborator of the project MyOpenLab and author of a large collection of tutorials and educational practices using this software simulation and modeling systems.

The application is developed in Java. It has a huge library of functional blocks, which can be extended to work with the project. It's very easy to model and simulate any process graphically connecting the various functional blocks.

In addition MyOpenLab is able to connect the physical world through the interface of Velleman K8055 (R) (K8055: USB EXPERIMENT INTERFACE BOARD – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics). But how and why not others? Yes. We have the Arduclemas (, of course, the Arduinos (, and a tremendous desire to see where we can bring to this. We must integrate them. Free software and hardware free hand. The Tandem perfect. The process of integrating the arduclemas with MyOpenLab we have divided into three phases. Currently implemented the second phase. Using the serial interface we can integrate MyOpenLab with the Arduclema. The last phase is to develop and schedule the Arduclema from MyOpenLab. We created a forge of software ( to develop the last phase.

The introduction to electronics, the physical processes and their control have a good tool. Education will benefit certain of that.


--- Where I write Arduclema I mean Arduino. Where I write Arduino I mean Arduclema. ---