Now I use C like any other respectable programmer does, but short of using ASSEMBLY or FORTRAN, it’s not the most elegant of languages; especially since the Arduino is meant to be a super accessible platform to all. Now I have most of my OOP experience vested in .NET/Mono, particularly C#. It’s a very elegant language, cross platform, and very programmer friendly. The Arduino being Open-Source, I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to write our own C# library for the Arduino.

Introducing Ardui.NET

For now, it’s a simple port of the classes, variables, types, functions, etc. of the Arduino C IDE, and compiling does nothing more than “translating” lines to a C program which the Arduino CLI compiles. Sloppy, I know, but I’m hoping if more experienced .NET/C# programmers and devs step forward, this would be a cakewalk compared to everything else that has been done on the platform.

I’ll be uploading and updating my code here:

Stay tuned! <3

this.HopesAndDreams += new Dream("Hearing back from you!");