ArduIMU Sggestions

Hello. I am considering purchasing an ArduIMU for my quadcopter which I am building. Does anyone have any past experiences with it, or could anyone please let me know how the device works? I would rather know before I buy it. Thanks!

I don’t recomend it for a quadcoper. i only have 2 PWM pins so… if you want to control your device via this board, you can make a helycopter, were you’ll need just 2 motors, but not 3 or more. I didn’t use this board, i just took a look at it, so i might be wrong :smiley: .


yeah I would just be using this device as an MPU to calculate the yaw, pitch and roll. I believe this device has the ability to stream the ypr variables via the SDA and SCL pins. I think theres a manual download that says something like that on the link i provided. Thanks for your help!

yeah, it's nice to have a gyro build in, but if you use just the gyro from it, you can buy one 6 axis for around 3$ :D the calculations won't take more than 10-20 microseconds.

yeah I actually have bought three. But I have quite a bit of trouble finding a good library to use, and a good strategy on how to get a solid reading.