ArduIMU+ V2

I would like to know how can I read raw ADC value of the accelerometer and the gyro from this IMU (
Is it possible to use the code found in the Manual (Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.) because I only used the IMU with the Magnetometer without the GPS?

User-modifiable options:

There is no configuration file for the firmware. Use modifiable options are set with several #define statements in the main file (ArduIMU.pde). There are also #define statements which are not intended to be user modifiable options, so only change the parameters shown below.

//OUTPUTMODE=1 will print the corrected data, 0 will print uncorrected data of the gyros (with drift), 2 will print accelerometer only data
#define OUTPUTMODE 2

#define PRINT_ANALOGS 1 //Will print the analog raw data