ArduIMU + V3 Euler Raw Data (Yaw, pitch, roll)

Hi guys, I am currently using an arduIMU + V3 to come up with a guided user interface (GUI) that displays yaw, pitch and roll in a compass and artificial horizon pictorial format in processing.

I am currently using the ArduIMU_kalman code found at this link:

Under the ADC code, there is this part of code:

void read_adc_raw(void) { MPU6000_Read(); // Read MPU6000 sensor values AN[0] = gyroX; AN[1] = gyroY; AN[2] = gyroZ; AN[3] = accelX; AN[4] = accelY; AN[5] = accelZ;


Are the gyroX, gyro Y and gyroZ the roll, pitch and yaw raw datas respectively? If they are, how do I get their euler raw data printed in the serial monitor? Can I just add #define PRINT_EULER 1 in the main code?

As I am very new to arduino, I need a lot of help in this aspect. Thanks! :)