ArduIMU + XBee OR MiniBee + 3-axis gyro?

So I'm working on a project that requires a 3-axis accel, 3-axis gyro wireless setup.

I'm prototyping using Wii Motion+, but want to settle in on XBee-based hardware in the end.

What would be an easier road to go down?

Using an ArduIMU+ ($99)

And attaching an XBee to it (connecting TX/RX/3.3v/Gnd). ($23)


Using a MiniBee ($49)

And attaching a 3-axis gyro to it: ($49)

(I know the second setup still needs an XBee ($23) attached to it, but it has the appropriate headers in place so it's just a drop in)

I didn't realize how expensive 3-axis gyro boards were on their own($49?!), otherwise the MiniBee would be a no-brainer.

I did look into maybe hacking a wii motion+ dongle as the 3-axis gyro (as these are quite cheap($15-20)) but it uses i2c, which means I would have to reprogram the MiniBee in order to read the wm+ (?). Here's the link I found on that:

Since I live in the UK the MiniBee boards are pretty cheap, it's the 3-axis gyro boards that would be expensive. The ArduIMU+ is the most expensive, but has everything built in (barring the XBee). Both are fairly elegant hardware solutions (arduino+xbee for MiniBee and arduino+sensors for ArduIMU) but both will require some added hardware/dangly bits.

Both of them would have an XBee + USB Explorer on the receiving end (

Quite late before I see this message (not much of a forum person myself), but given example I2C code to interface with a WiiMotePlus, it should be quite easy to add that functionality to the Sense/Stage MiniBee firmware.

Did you consider the Arduino Fio? Seems like it would save you $25.

How about the same gyro from SeeedStudio (ITG-3200)? Its $10 less, with 5V support - perhaps not a good match for the Fio.

Looks like there are a few other options out there to meet your requirements.