Arduin IDE with atmega324pb eXplained, what programmer?

I have
I installed
My board info is read from the IDE:

BN: Arduino M0 Pro (Programming Port)
PID: 2111
SN: ATML2589040200002274

What programmer I do select form Programers menu

The programmer selection only matters if you are using an hardware programmer. Your board does have an EDBG programmer/debugger. I see AVRDUDE (the tool the Arduino IDE uses for uploading to AVR microcontrollers) does have an "xplainedpro" programmer that is not one the standard Tools > Programmer list in the Arduino IDE. There is another programmer of the same type "Atmel JTAGICE3 (JTAG mode)" that you could try. That programmer does have a different PID though (0x2110, 0x2140) so there's a good chance it won't work. It's pretty easy to add more programmers to the Arduino IDE.

The EDBG also does provide a Virtual COM Port so if you can program a serial bootloader to the microcontroller then you can just do regular uploads to your board without needing to worry about the programmer selection but you do need a programmer to get the bootloader on the chip to begin with (assuming the board doesn't come with one installed).

As I think you have learned from your issue report:

MightyCore doesn't support ATmega324PB. If you want to use the Arduino IDE with your ATmega324PB you will need to either find a hardware package that supports it or write your own.

Thank you very much. Very helpful.

Well if you get the hardware package issue sorted out I can probably help you with adding the Xplained Pro programmer. That won't do you any good until you can compile for ATmega324PB though so the hardware package is the first order of business. I know there are several packages for ATmega328PB but not sure if anyone has done ATmega324PB yet. Arduino has a beta release of Arduino AVR Boards that uses an updated toolchain with support for at least some of the PB chips so that could make things much more simple.

Oh, Appreciate. Thank you.

I am looking to get the NerdKits - Adding a Bootloader to a ATMEGA324P (Microcontroller Programming) on the board first.
I'll get back as soon I have news.
I'll also gonna look at

Note that thread is about ATmega324P, not ATmega324PB.