Arduini Into USB Mass storage device?

Hello, I'm like everyone else Asking If I can turn My arduino into a mass storage device. I have Two Problems. The first is I do not have a Sd card module and The second thing is no toom to put one on there Because it is batteried powered with a couple of coin cells batteries. I'm trying to keep it as compct as I can. However I do have a winbond Flash memory chip I can add to it. I only need 8 to 10KB of recordings.

The other problem is I would love to save it to a text file and store it on the Flash memory as I can download it later on without Having some type of software. Is this possible? I'm running into all types of problems tring to research the best way to do this But so far I have no luck. I had a device in the past that did this But I lost it. I would love some programming advice from the community if I can do this and how?


Hello, mrburnette thank you so much. I'm looking at it now. It says it supports the esp32. Which is the only module I do have.


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