Arduini Nano Failed?

Sorry if this is a wrong thread or maybe theres answer, but i cant find it anywhere on the net.

I have program my nano with light meter and connect BH1750 @ 3V3 / SCL / SCA / GND.

I was working, i played connect the pin but wrongly doing it. And the light meter no longer work.

I then buy another sensor (BH1750FVi) but still not working upon connect it to the nano.

Is there any change the pin on my nano is stop working?

Other than that the nano is connect to spi oled and working fine, just the sensor is not working.

I suspect my nano digital pin is death?

Is there a way to check if the pin is working on computer?

Test it by seeing if it works as an output by connecting an LED and resistor to it and see if you can make it blink.
Then connect a push button between the pin and ground and make sure you can detect a push button press.

Please load the code for the second test before you connect the push button for the test because that code will still be in your machine when you first plug it in and you could short something out.

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