Arduini Wifi Shield not Present


Hi guys.. I have just bought myself an Arduino Wifi Shield...I tried to plug it on top of my Arduino Mega 2560 R3 with 9V DC supply and run the sample programs like ScanNetwork..but the serial monitor keep showing "WiFi Shield not present" for every wifi sample program..The L9 LED is only lighted on for few seconds and went off everytime i press the reset button . While no other LED is blinking when sample program is running...I have tried it on UNO R3 as well and I still facing the same problem..

I have been searching for solution for few days. I have tried: 1. put a jumper wire between pin 3 and 7 2.get a DC power supply to power up the Arduino

but the problem still cannot be solve. Please give me some advice. Thanks.

did u found the fix im to going through that problem plzz let be know if found any solution

Is that the Arduino WiFi Shield or the Arduino WiFi Shield 101?