Arduinio: Creating own OS

Hello, new user here :)! I am in a tech club and we are working on software for Arduino now. I saw all the coolness of Pyxis OS and I wonder how it works on the Arduino and how to create one. I have experience with C++, but I don’t know many things about the Arduino Library :(. Where I can find a source or a guide for an Arduino OS?

You seem to take the wrong approach to the whole thing: An Operating System for a computer isn't just something one needs to have, it needs to provide facilities that programs running on the system need. For general purpose computers, that list contains usually things like program loading, file system access, memory management, resource management and many other things. But with microcontrollers, those things either don't exist or there's just one program loaded anyway. So the important question is, what advantage will your Arduino-OS bring to the programs running on it? What will your OS do better than just a library you provide to be linked statically? If you don't have good answers to these questions, your project will just be a YAPAE (yet another pointless academic endeavour) and not really worth to waste time on it.

As to the source for the Arduino library, you have it in full source coming with the Arduino software. The rest is simply the AVR-libc, which is open source too. Download it and have a look at it. It's a fairly simple subset of the usual stuff, so don't expect any big surprises or revelations.


On a microcontroller, the OS is just an memory explorer, which sometimes can contain visual parts such as Buttons, Check Boxes, Scroll Bars etc. on it's interface. Ok, then, I'll start orientating on other platform, similar to the Arduino > thanks.