Arduino 0004 available

Get it from the download page:

Please note that all Mac OS X users will need to run the new macosx_setup.command file included in the distribution (and possibly reboot).

Also, you'll get some error messages the first time you run the software, just ignore them - they're warnings from compilation of the libraries.

Changes include: Main sketch is now compiled as C++ (instead of C). Updated avr toolchain. printInteger(), printHex(), etc. now handle longs. millis() fixed (now overflows after days, not minutes) Fixed path to java in Windows run.bat. Added Matrix and Sprite libraries (written with Nicholas Zambetti). PWM now working on pin 11 (in addition to pins 9 and 10). Slowed PWM frequency (on all three PWM pins) to 1KHz. Now give an error if compiled sketch is too big. Fixed abs(), min(), max(), and constrain() macros. Added menu items to the IDE to burn bootloader. Now display binary sketch size on upload, and give error if too big. Added C++ serial library. Resynced with Processing/Wiring IDE code (improved auto-format, faster logging to serial monitor console, other bug fixes) New library system (gives a few spurious errors when Arduino starts). Updated to latest version of the RXTX serial library; Mac users will need to rerun macosx_setup.command.

Thank you!! ;D Hey, when would I want to burn the bootloader?

If you’ve bought a new ATmega8 (since they normally don’t come with a bootloader) or if yours got messed up somehow.

talking about burning the bootloader…

what do i need on the hardware side for burning the bootloader on a mac?

i understand that i need an AVR-ISP + serial-to-USB adapter. does anybody here use this setup successfully on a mac? i am thinking of getting an AVR-ISP to build my first own arduinos from scratch. Do i have to get the atmel one or are there cheaper alternatives?

it would be nice if burning the bootloader would be kind of plug-and-burn. is it really impossible to have the parallel-port-programmer working on the mac? i think a friend of mine has an unused parallel<>USB-cable.

Dunno about the USB-to-parallel cable. I'm skeptical, since the machine needs precise control of the individual lines of the parallel port. Maybe you can find a friend with a PC with a parallel cable? You'll only need to burn the bootloader once.

I've used the AVR-ISP with a USB-to-serial adapter on the Mac. So far, I've only had luck with Keyspan adapters, others might not work. Cheaper alternatives to the AVR-ISP should be okay, as long as they support the stk500 protocol (and actually, you can change the protocol in the config file... but uisp, which we use to burn the bootloader, doesn't yet support stk500v2).

what do you mean by "you can change the protocol in the config file"? there are cheap avr-isps on ebay which support STK200 and STK300. could that work?

And what about the matrix and sprite libraries? are they documented somewhere yet?

you really did a nice job with that version. i really appreciate the "sketch too big" warning. haven't had much time to test it much though.

best, kuk

I don't know if the stk200 or stk300 would work. They're supported by uisp, but may not work with whatever USB-to-parallel adapter you use. We've had enough problems with various USB-to-serial adapters to make me skeptical of anything untested, but you're welcome to give it a shot.

The Matrix and Sprite libraries don't currently fit on the ATmega8, so it was a bit misleading to include them. Sorry about that. They're the same as the Wiring libraries, so you can use the documentation here:

does this mean that we can’t use those libraries on arduino? :-/
that’s sad. i really like the small form factor of the arduino compared to the wiring board. i don’t need the plus in ins and outs. it would be great if there was an atmega8 compatible mc with just a little more memory.

I know. We're working on it. We'll also try to optimize the current code and see if we can't squeeze those libraries in.