Arduino-0009 and avrdude for uploading

I downloaded 0009 last night and used it to burn bootloaders via avrisp mkii, it works fine, I also used it to load sketches and that worked fine also ...

However, I am, for lack of a better phrase, a 'touchy feely' kind of guy. I like feedback. in 0008 and earlier after the final lione from gcc with sketch size we got a couple of lines from uisp about the download. But, avrdude is silent (running under OSX 10.4.10 on a MacBook Pro) on loading sketches and burning bootloaders.

Is there anyway in 0009 to use my avrisp mkii to burn sketches sans bootloader? If so, what are teh setups/commands?

cheers ... BBR

Yea... it is quiet, but you do get the "Done uploading." and "Done burning bootloader." messages in the status bar (in the middle of the IDE). Because it's hard to tell what of avrdude's output is an error and what's not, I think it's kind of nice not to confuse beginners with red messages that they need to understand to know if something's gone wrong. This way, when avrdude says something, you know there's a problem. It would probably be better if those messages were a little more definitive though, like "Upload succeeded."

Right now, I don't think you can upload sketches with the avrispmkii from within the IDE, sorry. There's a small bug that prevents you from using "usb" as the serial port (which you'd need to for the avrispmkii).

Is there anyway in 0009 to use my avrisp mkii to burn sketches sans bootloader?

I just did this with 0008, but outside the IDE. After you "upload" (even if you upload to a port with no Arduino on it) there's a .hex file in the applet subdirectory of the sketch directory (which works out to ~/Documents/Arduino/sketchname/applet/sketchname.hex on os X). Outside the IDE, just pop open a terminal window and use avrdude to burn the hex file.

I haven't played with 0009 yet, but if direct burning with the avrispmkII is a problem, I'd like to see a .hex file after a "verify" so we could skip the slightly messy process of trying to download to a device that isn't there.


There is a .hex file after verify, it's just in a different location (/tmp on the Mac and Linux, I'm not sure where on Windows). The different location is a hold-over from Processing, though I'm not sure it makes sense for Arduino.

/tmp is a great place for scratch files. Now that I know to look there, I'll be happy with that until direct avrispmkII burning makes its way into the IDE. thanks!


Cool... I'll add that to the build process documentation: Redirecting

Can I expect the Tuxgraphics AvrUsb500 STK500 (open source Atmel AVR Programmer) to be compatible with Arduino 0009 ? I succesfully programmed a ATMega8 with avrdude and this interface on my Powebook G4. I have to give it a try soon.
Thanks for such a nice feature !

Assuming it's compatible with avrdude, it should work. You'll need to tweak some preferences, though. See: for details.