Arduino 0011 to 0016, reset millis now not workig


I have code to drive a 16x16 pixel led display that runs fine in arduino 0011

However the same code uploaded from 0016 (I just upgraded) seems to have problems in resetting millis using timer0_overflow_count = 0;

This is my function where I think the issue is:

byte checkTime(){ if (millis() > 6000){ //reset timer timer0_overflow_count = 0; return 0; //return false - 1 min has elapsed } return 1; // else return true - 1 min hasn't elapsed yet }

In 0016 the code knows the time has elapsed, but the reset doesn't do anything. Has something changed, I scanned the release notes but wasn't too sure? Any help greatly appreciated.

Cheers Nick

I think you want to set timer0_millis to 0 instead of timer0_overflow_count.

Ah works great… well, that bit does, looks like there have been some other changes too I need to track down as things are still ‘different’!

Thanks for the info!