arduino 0012 sketch size help

Hi all, I wondered if anyone had a quick and dirty fix for this issue. I posted the mpguino project which does a pretty good job of utilizing arduino "to the max" on arduino 0011:

Then 0012 was announced a couple hours later :)

It seems with the new AVR tools in 0012 that I'm over the allowable script size by 2.5k (libs got bigger?). Does anyone have any complier settings or #defines or any other suggestions that might get it to fit or understand the nature of the increased script size for further investigation?

Thanks kindly.

Ok did some tests, I think it is my copious use of unsigned longs that is a big part of the issue.

when I global replace unsigned long to unsigned int

0012 goes from 16772 to 11934 which is 4838 bytes difference

0011 goes from 14104 to 10762 which is a 3342 byte difference

So there's 1500 bytes right there. Anyway, I might be able to do something armed with that knowledge.

Does anyone have a pointer to avrgcc or avrfreaks discussion of the reasons for increased code size in 4.x ? Surely such discussions must exist! (But I can't figure out good search terms to get to them...)