Arduino 0013 / 0014 not launching in OSX 10.5.6

But 0012 does?

Arduino 0014 not launching on OS X 10.5.4 Intel (Read 226 times)
the above subject was read 226 times but still no solution to the problem.

oh! i see the issue here... its a mac... now, as it turns out, resolving this is quite easy - what u want to do is go online to like, or maybe even wait, nvm, does ure mac have the ability to hookup to the internet? if not then i guess u can like walk to best buy and get a nifty pc... or borrow a friends...

now the important part:

watch office space, and note the printer bashing scene...

then, take a nice bat, preferably wood - for effect - and let loose on ure ol' mac... once ure done ul want to feed the remains to angry / hungry german Shepperd puppies and then burn their excretion... that should do the trick

also, if the above doesnt work, and it always does, u can try redownloading the files (u might have downloaded the pc or linux version by accident last time) and try to get the IDE running one more time, maybe one of the files got corrupted or u accidently deleted it or something... also, put the newly downloaded IDE into a new folder, rather than overwriting the older version just in case, that might also do the trick

always glad to help :wink:

Sorry I am certainly not as clued up as you are :wink:
(it's probably due to only having a one button mouse)

What's an IDE if you don't mind explaining.

Thanks for your help.

The IDE is the software development environment (The Arduino Software).
What exactly doesnt work for you? Maybe its just a matter of running things differently.

jezuz, that sort of comment does not seem to be like the rest of this forum. We don't bait people for their choices in computers or operating systems, precisely because we know that a lot of cool and complicated projects get accomplished on any of them. Maybe we get things accomplished precisely because we don't waste time baiting people on irrelevant things.

regdoesntworkprop, we're going to need more info. Giving a vague and general "it doesn't work" really doesn't give us much to go on. What are you trying to do, where does it stop doing what you expected, what did it do instead of what you expected, what messages did you get, etc.

This happens with 0013 & 0014, but not with 0012 which works fine.
I am using a 2.6GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo - OSX 10.5.6.

Cannot launch Java application

Uncaught exeption in main method:


I did do some research on this, and followed a suggestion..
Show contents, find the info.plist in resources folder, edit JVMVersion to change the 1.4* to 1.4+ (I think - I am doing this from memory)
But that didnt work either.
I even compared the contents of 0014 to 0012 and they seemed to be identical.

Thanks for your time with this ( I was not bothered by the unhelpful response earlier - I didn't realize that people still thought on that level these days.) ::slight_smile:

Read this thread for some suggestions:


Thanks, it did the trick - I had to download a new librxtxSerial.jnilib file. ;D
0014 opens now, but I now have usb port in use problems -
I am sure a restart will cure this though, I will report back later.
Thanks for your all of your people.

Have you tried updating to 10.5.6 yet? It seems like I remember reading that the Java virtual machine got an upgrade recently.

For what it is worth, I have never had a problem getting the IDE to launch. I have used 11, 12, and 13. I haven't downloaded 14 yet.

too all those who oppose my comment:

notice that my comment actually solved reg's problem... or alteast instigated the cooperation of others to help, and in turn solve the issue... so hooora! ;D



damn, wrong pic... i couldnt find one that said

"the ends justify the means" in such a witty way that it would compliment ure post

Phil thanks again for the help,
Jezuz - you come across as very arrogant, you might care to notice your ego and check yourself.
I was polite to you regardless,
The strange thing is that my original question obviously upset you enough to warrant your smug, sarcastic responses in the first place.
Which was not my intention.
Have a nice day now :wink:

oh relax, u got the thing working right?