arduino 0013 on linux

I am having trouble running the new arduino 0013 on ubuntu. I get this message below. I have been using 0010 without trouble.

Thanks for any help! Justin

/usr/bin/avr-objcopy: there are no sections to be copied!

Couldn't determine program size: /usr/bin/avr-size: '/home/justin/Desktop/arduino-0013/examples/Digital/Blink/applet/Blink.hex': No such file

avrdude: can't open input file /home/justin/Desktop/arduino-0013/examples/Digital/Blink/applet/Blink.hex: No such file or directory avrdude: write to file '/home/justin/Desktop/arduino-0013/examples/Digital/Blink/applet/Blink.hex' failed

See the earlier thread on ide ver13 and ubuntu. Have a look through that and see if it helps. If not give some more info like version of ubuntu, avr-gcc version and such like.


That looks like a different problem. I am on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. avr-gcc 4.2.1.. It looks like the problem is at or before avr-objcopy.

Thanks for looking at this!


was there any other error messages before that? What was the first error?

I copied and pasted the entire window. If there is any other place to look for when the error occurred, I can check there. Otherwise that was the first error.

Thanks, Justin

You want to try upgrading to a more recent version of avr-gcc (e.g. 4.3.2).