Arduino 0014 not launching on OS X 10.5.4 Intel

Arduino 0014 (& 0013) environment not launching with OS X 10.5.4 Intel (Receiving a Java launching error related to the librxtxSerial.jnilib file )

Hi All, great work in putting together the latest update!

Prior to yesterday (March 11, 09) I was running Arduino 0012 with Diecimila with great success, however upgraded to 0014 to work with an Audio shield & a newly installed (pre-ADAboot bootloaded ATmega 328).

Upon launching 0014 (& 0013) it generates the error message: "Cannot launch Java application - Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Applications/arduino-0014/Arduino"

I tried various fixes, incl Mellis & follower's [Phil's] recommendations to a) check the order of java in the stack, b) changing the java number from 1.4+ to 1.5* in the plist file inside both 0014 (& 0013, I uninstalled 0014 then tried the same methods for 0013) and, c) updating the librxtxSerial.jnilib file from the link offered. So far = no luck :-?

If anyone has any further ideas for me to try, please fire away!

Incidentally, I also have Processing installed - might this affect the new Arduino update? a search indicates that this app doesn't contain a librxtxSerial.jnilib file.

Many thanks if you've read this far and can help ;-)

Cheers, :) Rich.

Are you able to update to 10.5.6?

Hi Mellis, thanks for your prompt reply :-)

I'm considering doing just that (i.e updating to 10.5.6) - I'd need another external drive for backing up my system before I do though.

Meanwhile, if there's another way around it, great! - I'll update to 10.5.6 when I'm able and post my results either way in case it helps-



Same problem on a OS X 10.5.6... And the same problem I had with IDE 0013 in the past.

The soluction are to edit the Info.plist file into Arduino IDE application (right click, show package content). This file are in Contents folder. Open it and go to the Java tag. On JVMVersion, substitute the string 1.4+ with 1.4*

Save and now you can work with the IDE ;)

ps: sorry for my bad english :-/

Hi there Alessandro & Mellis

Success! :-)

Thanks for the help! - I changed the text to 1.4* - with the same issue as before, but then I tried it again, this time with a freshly downloaded librxtxSerial.jnilib file saved inside the Java folder in 0014, with a OSX restart. Viola!

If anyone else is experiencing this issue with 10.5.4, perhaps try this or upgrade to 10.5.6 The link to the java file: ) as per Mellis' &/or follower's earlier posts.

btw, Alessandro, your English is very good.

Thanks Mellis & Alessandro for your help.



Does it still work if you change the 1.4* back to 1.4+?

Hi Mellis, I'll try it tonight when I get back - R

Hi, I’m new to the board, arduino, and mac.

I actually just got my first mac last night and tried to install arduino 0014. I recieved the same message as mentioned above. I then went back and installed 0012 and the IDE actually appeared and I was able to run my first few programs.

I was just wondering if someone could make a write-up or possibly step-by-step instructions to help me figure out what the hell is going on, before I go and screw something up. BTW, this is for macbook and arduino duemilanove

Thanks guys. And oh yeah I am now a fan of both arduino and mac!

Hi Mellis, to answer your query, 0014 does now launch with 1.4+ re-inserted in place of the '1.4*' Not sure why it should now work -but not when I first tried it.. /R

Hi mkt0001,

Welcome to the forum. I'm new here too, so am prob not the best one to ask..

If you've got 0012 running, then maybe experiment with that & various sketches - perhaps just for the moment until this issue becomes clearer?

Else, all I did this time was download the small java file (use the info posted earlier), right click on the to 'show package contents' nav to > Contents > Resources > Java then copy the existing librxtxSerial.jnilib file somewhere else (as a backup), and then overwrite it with the one you downloaded. Close out, restart your macbook and try it. good luck, R

Thanks, Rich.

I believe I will keep writing sketches in 0012 until I become more comfortable with both arduino and mac. Then I will try implementing the steps to run 0014.

No Prob :-) Enjoy the arduino & check out the Arduino Playground: Good things to experiment with in there, R

Hello there! I am having the same probs with osx 10.5.6! I have arduino 12 which works OK. But 13 & 14 Do not. I have searched all over and can not find a solution. goodluck.

PS I compared the info.plist of my working version(12) and the new version (14) and they are exactly the same!

any suggestions anyone?

Read this thread for some suggestions: