arduino  0016 download

Ok guys am i being dumb??? im trying to unzip the arduino 00 16 download to use with my Mega, but every time i try to unpack the file i get this:

! C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Desktop\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

Ive tried at downloading it several times but still get the same message?

Any ideas???


The ZIP file is readable by both WinZip and the built-in ZIP handler on Windows XP/Vista. I just redownloaded it to verify.

Are you downloading from ? Is the file, after downloading, 70,308,485 bytes large (you can tell by right clicking and viewing properties)?

Hi Ben,

I tried your link but as with the same downloads, all i get is this after about 10 minutes of downloading:


Oh and then the winrar window displays this:\arduino-0016 - ZIP archive, unpacked size 52,847,593 bytes.

Ive tried downloading it with winzip and winrar and still no joy :frowning:

Try downloading using another browser or a download manager, firefox sometimes stuffs up zip’s

I never had this problem when i downloaded version 0012 at xmas???

Do you i dont have any other web browser installed on my laptop.