Arduino 0016 Freezes on upload

I saw this in the FAQ, I either didn't understand the answer or it didn't help.
I am using an Arduino Pro Mini 5v,
with the FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V for the interface

Basicly I plug it in and select the chip and the COM3 port (my USB interface), load the blink program and press upload.

The LEDs on the Pro Mini light up( blinking every milisecond) , the programmer freezes and I have to unplug the USB to stop it from freezeing.

I have tried Arduino 0015 and had the same exact issue.

Can anyone help?

What operating system are you on? You might need to press the reset button on the Mini Pro just before or after pressing the upload button in the Arduino software.

Its not a problem anymore, don't know what I did but it works.