Arduino 0016 - "internal" reference manual

I recently set up Arduino 0016 on my Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit box (and it seems to work ok - I even upgraded to the 328 in the process); I noticed that the "internal" reference manual (stored locally) didn't have a few of the new functions, such as the bit() function. The site does have all of these definitions; I wonder if there are any other differences? This could be confusing to a new user, plus I wouldn't mind having a local copy. I tried a wget of the reference directory off of, but that grabbed waaay more than I wanted (it never seemed to finish, so I killed it before long). Is there a way to download a new local reference manual, or could this be made available (not to mention that the internal manual needs to be updated for a next release)?

For instance, the description of the micros() variable is missing from the documentation that comes with the 0016 Windows Install.

It is present on the interweb site though.