Arduino-0017 Serial Monitor

This is a question for the guy's who wrote the latest version of Arduino-0017.

Is it possible for the Serial monitor that is built into v-0017 to be used purely as a monitor of the receive lines and not actually open the port. It is a much nicer and simpler display than most cluttered serial progs.

That would leave the port available for other uses such as Gobetwino or others which could be used to generate emails etc whilst the data coming in is still monitored????

Regards John :-[ :-[ :-[

How do you propose to read from the serial port, unless you actually open it?

The RX/TX lines are what form the serial port interface on the Arduino.

Hi Mate I know it sounds strange but if the monitor could attach to the receive lines (which are there all the time) and report what it see's without reporting its presence to the transmitter.

Imagine you call your mate on an old analogue cell phone you are talking happily and I come along near to your location with a scanner and tune into your signals. I can hear you but you wont know I am there.

The normal way is to open the port (ie your phone answering stops anyone else from calling you) and that signals that the port is open which stops any other comm's prog from using the port

I just want a line monitor. Hardware wise it is easy but would have to be done in software for the Arduino. Hardware wise it would be similar to a data breakout box.

For the software guy's I am sure it would be easy.

Just an idea.....

Happy New Year....

John ::) ::) ::)

The cell phone analogy isn’t really appropriate. Think land lines, instead. The only way to get the TX/RX data is to open a connection to the serial port.

Now, it would be nice if the port could be opened read-only, so that other processes could also open a connection, but that is not the way serial ports work.

This is not a limitation imposed by the Arduino IDE. It is a fundamental feature of serial communication.