Arduino 0018 bug when installed on windows XP

Hi, I have uinstalled The arduino 0018 on my windows7 pc work fine. I also installed it on an older pc running in XP SP3 and i have the following issue: The software starts and open well but when I click one of the the command of the main menu (file,edit, sketch....) the corresponding sub menu open but tere is no text in it. It is like having the color font and the background color same. It work if I reduce the screen resolution but I am loosing in quality. Does anyone can help with this topic?

Thanks in advance.


I had the same problem, did a search and found this topic. Tried renaming the Java folder --> menus still blank. Checked the display properties for 'video depth levels' --> Didn't find such a property. Switched off 'ClearType' method and guess what ... now the pulldown menus are visible Smiley

To switch off 'ClearType': - Open 'Display Properties', - select 'Appearance' tab, - select 'Effects...', - un-mark the second option 'Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:' OR leave the option marked but select a different method i.e. NOT 'ClearType'.

I also increased the size of the fonts to 18 pts in the Preferences in IDE.

Excelent works perfectly. Thanks a lot. Regards.