Arduino 0018 Not Recognised as a Program

I have downloaded the arduino enviornment, and it runs great! The only problem is that I can not set ti as a "Program". By that I mean that I can not set a file type to open with arduino. It is really starting to get frustrating...

I have tried to go into the file properties and then set the "Open With" thing to Arduino, but it ignores it and doesn't work. It tries to open with Adobe Reader (no ieda why...). Please help me out here.

PS: I am running:

Windoes Vista Home Premium 32-Bit Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.00GHZ 3GB Ram HP G60 Laptop Arduino Alpha (0018)

When you double-click a dot-pde file in Explorer, Adobe Reader is the application that runs?

If I open a .pde file from "Documents", it tries to open in Adobe Reader... I go into properties, but I can not change the program it opens with...

I have had that issue before. Where the arduino IDE will not select as the program to open it as default.

I can't remember what I did. I might have restarted or re-copied the arduino IDE or something. It seems to be relatively easy to fix but takes a bit of fiddling to see what works.

(It's not just Vista or 7, I run XP mainly and it does it on that)


I wil try this, thanks!

And it worked! Thanks!

Ok, reviving a long dead thread here!

I found out that the issue (For me anyways) is that moving the "Arduino_0018" folder from your desktop to another location (Say Documents or Programs, or anything for that matter) will cause it to not show up anymore. I am trying to find a way to move them, but for now, I have no idea.

Not getting you there. You mean you have run it and then when you move it it stops working. You could try actually moving it (right click and drag) rather than copy+paste/cut+paste

I wonder if 0019 is any better. I have not had a chance to play with it yet.


0019 is out already?! But I click and drag the folder, and then it no longer shows up as a program... And then I can move it back to my desktop, and it doesn't show up as a porgram anymore.

0019 is out already?!

It's in beta.

and then it no longer shows up as a program...

What do you actually mean by this? Right click on a pde file and direct it to open with the arduino IDE and it should be fine.

I try... But if I put the Arduino 0018 file anywhere but my desktop, and it wont let me select it to open with the Arduino IDE.

and it wont let me select it to open with the Arduino IDE

If it doesn’t come up when you try to change the pde default program then just browse to the new location.


Tried that... I can click on the arduino program when I do that, but ti just ignores my clicks. And if I press ok, it just keeps loading with Adobe Air (No idea why.).

Have you tried removing the arduino IDE and then re-extracting from the downloaded zip file to its final location. Then restart and try that.