Arduino-0021 arduino-usbserial VID/PID Discrepancy

I had trouble with the arduino-0021 version of arduino-usbserial. After building and programming it onto the 8U2 Windows would ask to install drivers for the new device. After pointing the installation to the arduino drivers directory windows would report a failure in driver installation. The Arduino IDE would not recognize the UNO after that. I compiled the 0020 version and my UNO is back in action.

In the arduino-0021 version of arduino-usbserial the Descriptor.c file is using VID = 0x03EB (Atmel) and PID = 0x204B (LUFA USBtoSerial demo). The Arduino UNO.inf is looking for VID=0x2341 and PID=0x0001 which is reflected in arduino-0020...

I see in the 0021 release notes indicate "Modifying VID / PID combination in 8U2 firmwares" but was this the intent?